Solutions / Tax Productivity Tool

The Tax Productivity Tool (TPT) streamlines the collection of personal tax information and the preparation process cuts down total time spent on client files by up to 75%.

Customer List Generator - Excel based tool which allows the accountant to extract taxpayer information by searching through existing Profile T1 files. This tool requires the Intuit Canada Profile T1 Module. Once the search has completed, the accountant has the ability to email clients with notifications, important news, holiday greetings, budget updates and other important information.
Client Wizard - Excel based easy-to-use wizard used by the Tax Professionals' clients. It structures the gathering process of the taxpayers' information by allowing clients to follow a set pattern of required income and expense items. The accountants' clients receive the Client Wizard via email (or by downloading it from the accountant's web-site), fill out relevant personal income and expenses information, and then email it back to the accountant.
Accountant Wizard - Excel based wizard used by the accountants for the following activities:
- Loading the clients' information from the Client Wizard;
- Easily review and modify customers' income and expenses information;
- Allows the Tax Professional to instantly see the taxable income which in turn allows the accountant to provide timely   feedback to the client;
- Automatically calculates GST and HST for all Canadian provinces using both Regular and Quick Methods;
- With one click of a button, net GST figures are uploaded into an existing or new Profile T1 data file.
- Supports Personal Information forms, T2124 schedules, T2032 schedules, and T776 schedules;