Solutions / Document Management System

An electronic repository used to create, store, archive, retrieve, route, and publish documents.
A global system which allows for quick access and sharing of documents across all locations

Increased Productivity
Quick access to all of your organization's documents, reducing the time required to respond to customers or resolve issues.

Reduced Physical Storage Space
By storing your documents electronically, your organization no longer needs to maintain large storage areas of paper documents.

Disaster Recovery
Backup and Restore capabilities allow your organization to easily retrieve any lost, stolen, or damaged files.

Improved File Management
Organizes and manages your documents, providing you with the comfort of always knowing how to file and where to locate any document.

Minimized Downtime
Eliminate the costs and hassles of searching for misplaced files.

Maximized Security
Permission-based Security allows your organization to limit document access to specified users, preventing unauthorized access of your important business information.

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