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iReproPrint Solution -  is unique business management software solution that helps you manage all aspects of your printing and reprographics business. It is the first such product built entirely on .NET, the new platform from Microsoft..

Software That Works The Way You Do

The iReproPrint solution is tailored to the nuances of the reprographic and printing industry. It provides a number of features not found in any other generic ERP or financial package and incorporates best business practices of some of the leading printing companies.

iReproPrint is a modular product, and each module acts as a stand-alone solution. Put together, these modules provide you with more power than simply the sum of their features.

iReproPrint comes with 16 modules, including and optional interface to ACCPAC by Sage ACCPAC International Inc., and an XML-based generic interface to other accounting systems.

Superior Technology

Our solution is based on the NET framework, which is the latest development technology from Microsoft. .Net provides faster development of new capabilities and easier integration with other systems and databases.

The product is browser-based. There is no need to install anything on your computer and you can access it securely from anywhere in the world over the Internet.