Services / Flash

Flash is a way of delivering animated graphics on your website. A flash intro is an animated introduction to your website. They can be exciting and even provide a good introduction to you and your business.

A flash introduction is for the first time a visitor. After that, unless the flash intro incorporates useful menu items, they are a useless distraction, not only for your users but for search engines as well. If you want a useful flash intro for your site, we'll be happy to provide it for you.

Flash Design

You want flash design that is unique and supports your online advertising goals. Good flash design not only looks good, but also takes into account the purpose of your site and works to enhance that purpose.

Good flash design never exists just for itself; rather it's there to improve your customer's and your client's experiences on your site. The best flash design can create a buzz about your website, bringing in new customers and clients as well as making sure your existing customers and clients return again and again.

An expert flash designer will work to understand your business, and your goals for your website. The flash designer will then work with you to create flash that sizzles.

Flash Animation:

The things that can be done with flash animation are limited only by your imagination and the imagination of your flash designer.

Everything from cartoon characters talking about your products and services to galaxies spinning and stars spelling out your company name to the sound of classical music is possible. If your site would benefit from bunches of flowers or snowboarders in action, it can be done.

Flash animation can be elegant, fun, impressive and drive home your sales message. Well done, your customers and clients can interact with flash in ways that facilitate purchases and other profitable contacts.

What is most important is that Flash is not going to generate money for your site. A well designed website with good navigation and a user friendly interface will generate you business.

Flash is an add-on product used for branding purposes. Ask yourself this question" Can my site stand alone without flash?" If the answer is yes, you have a winning website.